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Default Re: Internet Running Real Slow using nForce1

Try rolling back the Nforce drivers.. to say the 248 version,
I had massive problems with the lastest version 261, and a Nforce1 motherboard ASUS A7N266-VM, with the 261 driver the PC would freeze for a couple of seconds with load on the Network, also Samba would run the CPU at 99%, while another PC would access the SAMBA server. I done a "rpm --rebuild" on the 248 version or the Nforce RPM source. and this solved every thing..
Except the crappy USB support. I have a removable USB harddrive, while accessing that via the USB port, the PC wil slow right down, till it just about freezes.. I don't have an anwser for the USB stuff..


Originally posted by hndpaul

I'm hoping someone out there has found a fix for this- seems like an aweful lot of you are having difficulties with nForce and Linux!

I installed Mandrake 9.1, dual boot with Windows XP Home Edition on my MSI 420D Pro nForce Motherboard. I installed the relevant nVidia nForce driver pack for this board in Linux, and everything is "working"- sound, network etc. All is listed in /modules.conf etc and where it should be.

I configured my network card (onboard card) using nvnet module and DHCP (it connects directly to my NetGear Router that runs as DHCP Server to my Mac and Linux machines). This works. The thing surfs and oonnects to the LAN, but when rendering a web page the whole system hangs for around 10 seconds; the mouse is real jerky at this point, and multitasking non-existent.

What's up? Am I missing something? Please- any advice would be genuinely received with thanks.

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