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Originally posted by Nv40
to mr. biggus
the table in tech report as the
authors say comes directly from WHat Nvdia and ATi told him
what part of this ,you dont understand ?
,is not that the author were so stupid to only ask NVidia about
what Radeon9700 really is . stay in Beyondfans3d gurus
where they claim Nv30 is 128 bits bus and will be delayed to february because they say it..
the fact is you dont like the superiority of Nv30 CineFx ,
but it dont change the truth ...period
Fine, when all the specs become more well known and not so vague or obscure as they are currently, then you'll do your fair share of crow eating as well. I don't forget such stubborness easily.

the good thing is Nvidia Nv30 cinefx already has the image quality needed to RECREATE any still picture of any computer graphics movie ,ANY!!! wihout any loss in IQ not like the R300

Let's see how simple I can make this for you. Pixar = 96/64 bit. R300 = 128/96/64 bit = no loss in quality. Is that simple enough? Should I repeat it in bold lettering for you? Try reading this paragraph once every morning until it sinks in.

but for the profesional computer graphics Artist
like 3danimators it means support for much more longer pixel shaders per pass
Not true, pixel shaders aren't much more powerful.
+ 128bits colors full time precision
nearly a non issue...
+ greater performance
being a full product cycle late, it damn well better be faster or it will be a huge embarrasement for NVIDIA...
with solid stable drivers
you know that for a fact?
but like a wise men once told A picture is worth a thousand words , with nvidia Nv30 demos alone will show clearly the superiority of its hardware technology
Um... there are no pictures that have been rendered on an NV30. Until you can post screenshots from an actual demo running on actual hardware, it's all a bunch of BS speculation.

See... This is what the R350 will be able to render in real time:
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