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Default Mplayer, vpdau, and 3 displays with edge blending.

We need to run 3 displays with edge blending on a Linux platform. We are currently doing this with xinerama and everything works fine. However we would like to use the vdpau support that mplayer now offers to reduce the load on our cpu. It is my understanding that vpdau is not supported with xinerama, only twinview, which limits us to two diplays.

First, I guess, is there any mention of if or when xinerama will work with vdpau? My search only found posts mentioning that it's not currently supported.

Second, would something like a Quadro Plex in SLI Mosaic Mode work for us? It's supported in Linux and from my understanding is seen by the OS as one graphics card. That suggests vdpau would work. Am I wrong about this? The only question would be can you use edge blending on your displays?
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