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Default Change 9700 to AGP4x

I am experiencing some serious stability issues with a sample Sapphire 9700 Pro and my MSI KT4 Ultra. I can load any game, however roughly 10seconds into the game the system will hard-lock.

Here are the specs:

XP1600+ ( overclocked and non-overclocked tried )
MSI KT4 Ultra BIOS: 6590 version 1.0
(2) 256MB Corsair XMS PC3200 CAS2
420W Deer Power supply ( voltages are within tolerances )

I've tried the following drivers:

Stock Sapphire driver ( version 11-002 )

In the BIOS, I tried to change the AGP setting to 4X......Unfortuantely, the setting is greyed-out and cannot be altered. As a result, I downloaded the newest version of Powerstrip....There is a section where you can set the AGP speed.....I select 4X, though once I hit "OK" or "Apply", the setting goes back to AGP8X....

Does anyone know of a way I can force AGP4X as I imagine this would solve my problems?

Thanks ahead of time...

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