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Probably not a bad idea nin_fragile14. From what I've seen of the benchmarks of UT2003 so far (both on my system and online (pre)views), the game seems much more limited by the processor than by the video cards, whether we're talking about GF3, GF4, or the 9700. The flyby scenes give the best estimate of what the video cards can do right now, and even with 4xs and 2x aniso on my Ti4600 I'm seeing close to 100fps at 1024x768 using the standard benchmark executable for the flyby. On the other hand, the botmatches do a very good job of showing how the processor is limiting the overall output when doing AI and such. I'm guessing that all three of the cards I mentioned above will work extremely well for this game, and upgrades to newer cards, while probably helping some (the 9700 is showing some boost over the GF4, after all, though it appears small when all other components are the same), but the processor upgrades will continue to help increase performance a LOT more. (Snake looks forward to the Barton cores for now..)
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