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Originally posted by skipparoo

Hmm, I don't have any problems running my desktop at 1280x960 and 85Hz, which is what I always and have always had it set at. Are you using the RefreshForce program to set your refresh rate levels after driver installation? I suggest you do if you haven't. It's a great little thing you only have to run once after install, and you're set until the next release.

RefreshForce did not work. Only "NVRefreshTool 2.0" fixed my problem. If you notice, these and other 40.xx drivers have the annoying bug of only setting the video mode to a max refresh rate of 75 hz no matter what refresh rate is selected (verify it by checking your monitor's onscreen display).

Get it here
or (page seems slow right now).

Make sure to REBOOT like it says before expecting any of your refresh rates to change.
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