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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

As to the Linux comment- mileage will vary dependant upon hardware configuration and user experience.

There have been multiple occassions where, in Ubuntu, I'd simply be checking for updates and the computer would completely lock up or return an error message.

Claiming Linux to be more stable that Windows is really comparing apples to oranges. If you were to remove Windows from every computer and replace it with a linux distro I'm sure failure rate would skyrocket to... oh... near 100% mostly due to user error. However, the same can be said about Windows.

I've been using 7 Ultimate x64 for a little while now and have no complaints. Others seem to be experiencing problems. Whether it's 7's fault or not is hard to tell- could be a bad driver. I know many here like to rock beta drivers, this could be a reason for the BSODs.
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