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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Drolfrawd View Post
Make it so................Engage

Seriously you probs could get 7 with more ram, is the 3200 chip socket A?if so will be a no go
If I recall his is s939... one of the first.

So he could throw some more RAM in there. Mobo probably supports up to 4GB. It then becomes a decision of what is more cost-effective, adding more RAM or getting a new mobo + CPU + RAM. I'm imagine that for what it'd cost him to get 2GB+ of DDR400 RAM he could at least buy a new AthlonII x2 chip with a new mobo... he'd then have to purchase some DDR2 RAM and maybe a new video card. If that 6600GT is PCI-e he could just use it until he had the cash to get something a bit newer.
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