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Default Re: G0 Q6600 overclocking

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
Yeh, I settled on 1.3v max for the NB from 1.1 stock

The main issue I was having was a core failing with a rounding error in P95. If I ran Tripcode Explorer it'll get hotter than I've seen with prime 95, and it actually would cause it to BSOD when p95 wouldn't.

0x00000124 was the BSOD BCC code that I was getting. It seemed to happen regardless of voltages that I was able to throw around comfortably... so I backed off the clock speed a bit.

What are you guys running your voltages at for those 3.6ghz overclocks? I find it very hard to believe that my chip is THAT much worse... 3.4ghz @ 1.5 is a huge difference compared to 3.6ghz @ 1.35....
I've not read the entire thread so it's possible that this was already covered...

It might not be your CPU holding you back. It could be your mobo or your RAM as well. You CPU might have tons of oc'ing headroom but your RAM isn't up to snuff or your mobo thus holding you back.
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