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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Drivers have always been a problem on Windows and continue to be, so nothing has changed.

It's the same old story, blame drivers, and hardware and if people still don't have a clue, it must be the users fault because true Windows experts don't have such noob issues.
Let they're a cakewalk under any Linux distro!

Had a heck of a time getting my dual 640MB 8800GTSs to work (SLi)... Took merely a few clicks of the mouse and a handful of minutes under Vista Ultimate x64 and I was up and running.

I did have that occassional crash that plagued nVidia drivers but at least I could use the system and have proper SLi functionality.

Part of the problem was I didn't have the time to learn the Linux command prompt. Hopefully this year that can change- get a rig dedicated for just Linux. Will be awesome.
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