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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Let they're a cakewalk under any Linux distro!

Had a heck of a time getting my dual 640MB 8800GTSs to work (SLi)... Took merely a few clicks of the mouse and a handful of minutes under Vista Ultimate x64 and I was up and running.

I did have that occassional crash that plagued nVidia drivers but at least I could use the system and have proper SLi functionality.

Part of the problem was I didn't have the time to learn the Linux command prompt. Hopefully this year that can change- get a rig dedicated for just Linux. Will be awesome.
Well, if you was to use something like OpenSUSE, they have a one-click install which adds the NVIDIA driver repos. Opensource Linux distros cannot include proprietary drivers by default, but some distros do have an easy way to get the NVIDIA drivers installed within a few clicks(Ubuntu/Kubuntu has a hardware manager for that, which is purely GUI and is as easy as Windows update).

Never used SLI so I cannot comment on it.
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