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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
That's assuming you can even install Windows 7. According to Microsoft, the biggest issue with Windows 7 was and is, install failures.

To me Windows 7 is no more stable than any other Windows OS. I've never had to worry about stability in Linux and have had years and years of solid stability from it.
To each their own then.

I'd wager that many of the failures for install lie between the keyboard and chair. Working as close to the general public as I do I can guarantee many people try to install it on their own. For anybody here installing an OS is incredibly easy- but for the average joe whom doesn't understand the lingo it isn't so easy.

So many times we've had customers purchasing a copy of Vista and now 7, trying to load it on their computers that are barely able to run XP- then complaining that the OS wouldn't load on their rig and wanting their money back.

Or they install it- but then wonder why their audio doesn't work or VGA isn't functioning properly- having no idea what the concept of a driver is let alone how to install one or where to find them.

And doing these things is far easier under Windows than any Linux distro I've ever used. As such, trying to get the general populace to use Linux would be a failure of such epic proportions the human might cannot fathom it's magnitude.
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