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Default G210 audio pass-thru

Hello there and a happy new year.

I've got myself an HTPC, with a 9500GT and an audio pass-thru cable I made myself, from mobo's SPDIF out to 9500GT spdif In. The video card is plugged to my flatscreen via a DVI-D to HDMI cable. I checked the SPDIF out case in ubuntu 9.10 mixer, and everything works well. Now I'm planning to change this card by a G210, to get advantage of VDPAU class C, and loot the 9500GT for my son's PC. The G210 I looked at so far don't provide the SPDIF-IN plug. I also had a look in this forum and I saw there's problem getting the HDMI device handled by ALSA. Is there any G210 with the SPDIF-IN ? Is there a support from nvidia for another pass-thru (like, said, thru PCI-Express) ?
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