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Default Driver writing and assemblyish things. The old fashion way?!

Any info on where you can still learn this sort of thing. I want to pickup where I left off like 10-15 years ago with trying to learn programming (really learn programming) myself. Where can you get system info to understand what you are writing them to do and where can you learn enough about systems still to learn every aspect of how the languages are setup. Particularly in relationship to the hardware.

I know the commands for x86 mildly. There's not much there. from some of the tutorials i've seen. some general registers low high part of the byte etc(I know there is more. I used to know a little more about them I think. Vaguely). I'm still missing information to learn it all very thoroughly let alone try to put any into practice.

I hate trying to learn these things with only partially or non existant info. this info used to be as common as grass. How do they expect there to be more programmers in the future if they don't let anyone learn anything. Haveing a small amount of expert*cough*hack*cough* programer is not and never will get the computer feild anywhere. And since I own a computer I'd still prefer to get to learn everything about it to use it. Screw the software companies.

BTW especially free resources. 8)

I've never seen a book I like. And they are less adaptable than free things on the internet since they can be edited to improve them more easily. I consider them superior. Not to mention the books are all outrageiously overpriced and never have anywhere near the info I want or need. So I gave up on that root entirely.

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