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Default GTX280M dual monitor problem

I have a XXODD XNi900F.
Comparable with the Clevo 900F, it has a GTX280M Graphics card.

When I plug in my external monitor under Ubuntu and try to set it up I don't get the image I was expecting.

With the latest driver included with Ubuntu
The monitor doesn't get a signal from the card at all.

With 190.18 driver
For some reason the driver switches the monitors and tries to put the resolution of my interal monitor to my external monitor and the resolution of my external monitor on my internal monitor.
The screen is connected to the DVI port through a DVI-VGA adapter.

190.32 driver:
When configuring my monitors it says that LPL ( internal monitor ) is being unplugged. If I click remove.
I get 2 monitor to enable and move, but if I activate these and reboot, then XServer fails to start.

I'm now at 195.30 driver and still can't get it to work.
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