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Default Re: [bug] 9500-GT with 173.14.12, TV out ?

Originally Posted by bibilefou View Post
I've got a Zotac 9500-GT (with fan) and can not get the TV output working.
TV is well detected (Windows XP or Linux with latest NVidia official drivers) but I got a black screen !

Please, can someone tell me what to do to have TV output working ??

My TV is a CRT plugged with a Composite/SVideo adapter on Svideo of the Component output cable. It was working very good with my (dead) MSI 8600-GT, with the same type of cable.
I am using Galaxy 9500-GT and neither can I get TV-output working. I find that nvidia-settings cannot detect any TV connected.

Using the same cable and xorg.conf, my 6200 work perfectly. Any help?
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