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Default Re: VDPAU error with "A Christmas Story"

Thanks for Christmas_story_srror.txt.gz; it highlights the problem.

Encoded video data can be broken up into "slices"; essentially small regions of the picture. The VDPAU driver has a limit on the number of slices that can be supported, based on media format and resolution. The picture in question exceeds this limit and hence the VdpDecoderRender function fails.

I'll go investigate why our limits are set to the specific value they are, and whether it's reasonable to increase them. I'm surprised that the picture has as many slices as it does (314), so the DVD may have simply been encoded incorrectly/strangely.

Separately from this, MythTV's error-handling could be relaxed to simply ignore errors (or at least errors other than display preemption) from VdpDecoderRender. The worst that could happen in this case is corrupted video. Judging by your experiments with xine, that's what xine is doing.
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