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Default Re: TV Not working with new nvidia drivers

I confirmed I got the same problem on my galaxy 9500gt but not on 6200
Originally Posted by drgrog View Post
I too am having this problem, just posting the bug report. Ubuntu 9.10, 190.42 drivers on an 8400GS.

Scenario 1: only TV is connected via S-Video = TV screen goes blank once X starts (while it works during bios & bootup)

Scenario 2: TV is connected via S-Video and monitor connected via VGA and/or DVI = nvidia-settings does not detect the TV and TV screen is blank, while monitor works OK. (Wheras this scenario worked fine using separate X screens in the 173 & 180 drivers.)

Attached is the bug report from scenario 2 (both TV & monitor connected but TV is blank)
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