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Default Whats wrong with my GTX 295?

for some reason, the first GPU in my GTX 295 is showing up with an idle temp of over 90 deg C, the second GPU is about 80 deg C.

With load, the first GPU in the GTX 295 reaches over 100 deg C easily, and the second GPU over 90 deg C.

I have tried 3 different temp programs all showing the same. In graphics intense games like Left 4 Dead 2 and COD6, I cant play for very long (between 15-25 mins) before I get a blank screen crash, with a message saying no-signal, and the GREEN light at the back of the GPU turns solid RED.

I have had the GTX 295 for about 8 months now. Here is the rest of my system if anyone can diagonise what might be wrong:

Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
GB-P965 DS3P rev 3.3
E6600 @ 3.3 + Tuniq Tower 120
Inno3D GTX 295 (latest WHQL) drivers
Raptor 150GB
LG Blu-ray writer/player
Vista Ultimate x64
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