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Default Sanity Check: Running 4 Cards in this Configuration

I'm new, so excuse my ignorance wherever apparent.

I would like to run (GTX295)x2 as Quad-Sli, 1 9800xxx card as a dedicated PhysX processor (different GPU from the SLi System)...

AND (here's the part I'm unsure about) I would like to run A FOURTH card to handle two more monitors.

I know there are a few MoBoards with the required PCI lanes (4 that is) and with some physical space to spare... so I imagine plugging them in would be possible.

But I have no idea what this would mean driver-wise - Quad SLi + 1 PhysX dedicated - demonstrably possible. What about adding one more video card to run additional monitors? Would it have to be a different GPU from the SLi system? (I'm guessing yes), would it have to be different from the PhysX handler? (guessing no)

Would the nVidia drivers have a hemorrhage seeing Quad SLi + 1PCB Distinct + 1PCB Distinct?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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