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Default G210M not working with F12_X64 on Asus UL50VT

Removed the Nouveau module and installed nVidia module using Leigh's guide.

Installed on an Asus UL50VT laptop which also has an Intel integrated video and a G210M
Both GPU's are detected, the pci id for the G210M as per lspci is 1:0:0 , Intel is at 0:2:0

Added BusID to xorg.config in the device section which directs it to use the G210M as required when you have more than one gpu based on what I found in the nvidia readme.

xorg.config was generated using the nvidia-xconfig

Xorg log shows:
Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device PCI:1:0:0

Messages shows:
kernel: NVRM: Failed to copy vbios to the system memory
NVRM: rm_init_adapter(0) failed.

Tried the vmalloc stuff in the kernel line with no change.
It wont run X so it's a chore to post log info.

I see that this GPU is used on the Sony VIO with a similar configuration, anyone have it working?
Not interested in the hyprid power switching between the Intel integrated GPU just interested in using the G210M.

I understand the Fedora packages aren't exactly the same as the ones offered by nVidia, they are using standard libraries they claim are modified by nVidia.
Does anyone have this working?
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