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Default Re: Mplayer, vpdau, and 3 displays with edge blending.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
VDPAU is intended to operate correctly when used in conjunction with SLI Mosaic.

What is your existing edge-blending solution? I'm not sure whether Quadro Plex/SLI Mosaic themselves perform this feature, or whether it's something you'd have to configure into your projectors.
Right now we have 3 projectors being used for display that are edge blended. The are driven by two 8600 gt's. The fourth is a terminal not used in the display. The displays are edge blended and combined using xinerama.

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
BTW.: if it's just about vdpau accelerated video with xinerama,, it seems
that there does exist an alternative - please check the following
thread (posting #11 in particular)


Does this mean that we can just use the latest release of xine to enable vdpau across our 3 display's using xinerama?

Edit: I see on their site that it is part of a 1.2 branch but don't see where to download it.

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