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Default Re: Whats wrong with my GTX 295?

Originally Posted by shadow85 View Post
interesting mine is @ 90 deg at idle.

Does anyone know what GPU0 reference fan duty cycle % is?
That is your GPU0 fan speed AFAIK. What have you been adjusting?

Also, unless I'm wrong there are two places to alter fan speeds in Riva Tuner. You must use to one in the overclocking section (ie, where the clock adjustments are, but on another tab). The other one never did anything for me.

It's a good idea to get your ear close to the GPU fan just to make sure whatever you're altering is having an effect. What you said in post #5 doesn't sound good. BTW, you should also be able to alter your fan speed in the nVIDIA Control Panel .

EDIT: When I get home (a couple of hrs) I'll post a pic of the correct adjustment in NVCP and RT .
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