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Default Re: G210M not working with F12_X64 on Asus UL50VT

Originally Posted by kwizart View Post
Use nvidia-config-display enable
You aren't expected to use nvidia-xconfig to configure xorg.conf before a reboot, this give well known problem:
Thanks for the reply but I still receive the same errors.

I added BusID PCI:1:0:0 to the device section, the first time I booted it couldn't find the GPU.

With BusID X finds the GPU but failed same as before, Xorg.config is more streamlined now.

BTW The module is loading without issue as confirmed by lscpi and lsmod.

I'm wondering if this is a bios issue in that its an either or but not both.
I've seen posts for the Sony that discuss ACPI enabling the card some how.

If lspci reports the card is active and the module loads it should work....I assume... that is unless I'm missing something.
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