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Default Re: Mplayer, vpdau, and 3 displays with edge blending.

Originally Posted by hayj View Post
OK. So I was a little confused about the details and have cleared a few things up. The edge blending for us is done in hardware an a separate machine. It would be nice to have this in the Nvidia driver, but not required.
Ok, my understanding is that with edge blending, you basically mean
two things: first, overlapping display output and intensity adjustment
in the overlapping regions? i.e. something like this:

|<---- Display 1 ----->|           |<---- Display 3 ---->|
__________________      ___________      _________________
                  \    /           \    /
                   \  /             \  /
                    \/               \/
                    /\               /\
                   /  \             /  \
__________________/    \___________/    \_________________

                  |<---- Display 2 ---->|
My understanding is that for the intensity adjustment, you have
a separate box and just need overlapping output?

You might consider handling the "whole" edge blending on application
level, i.e. first render/decode off-screen from 0 to 280, then copy and alpha
blending all regions (0-100/90-190/180-200) to the three screens.
This would require some programming effort but would also save
tons of money on hardware :-)

Originally Posted by hayj View Post
What is necessary is the ability to pass overlapped regions to the different displays so the edge blending can be done. From my understanding twinview does not allow this, all the displays
must be unique, and we are limited to two.
twinview can do overlapping by applying appropriate metamodes, but you
are for sure limited to two displays :-)

For details on how to do that please check this posting:
(refer to section "Bezel Management trough Twinview/Metamodes")

Originally Posted by hayj View Post
Apparently xinerama allows for this and that is why we use it.
In this context, I didn't knew that this is possible with xinerama - out of curiosity,
could you please post your xorg.conf? TIA!


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