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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Again your forgot to put, in your opinion at the end in regard to "but it is not a good os for the desktop". Linux has 35% of the Netbook market which is as close the a "desktop" OS as you're going to get.

BTW, It's a little known fact that Microsoft don't make that much money from retail sales. Microsoft make their biggest amount of money by selling to OEM companies, of which they have a declining monopoly on.

Have you used Linux as your primary OS for over 10 years like me? Wow. Why is it such news that your new OS hasn't crashed? It must be a new thing for Windows then, but even based on six months is nothing. Expect a couple of service packs though.
Not to expect service pack is totally retarded, Windows 7 is at the beginning of it's life cycle and can only get better. BTW I have used Linux on desktop computers and off for 6 years, funny thing is I always get rid of it. I'm not saying it's crap, but it is just so much stress. Yes it has crashed on me more than once, and also terminally on occasion. I believe you are using Linux as a way of "sticking it to the man". But that's just my opinion

As a side note, who said anything about the declining OEM sales to the corporate Industry. First I have heard of it,who is Microsoft losing the market share to?
Second side note, Are you a Microsoft Hater
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