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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Again your forgot to put, in your opinion at the end in regard to "but it is not a good os for the desktop". Linux has 35% of the Netbook market which is as close the a "desktop" OS as you're going to get.
Here is another little known fact.

The attrition/return rates on netbooks with Linux is far higher than Microsoft OS's. People buy for the price, most don't know what the hell to do with Linux based os's. User error, yes, but the numbers don't lie.

Also, return rates on netbooks are far higher than any other client LOB.

BTW, It's a little known fact that Microsoft don't make that much money from retail sales. Microsoft make their biggest amount of money by selling to OEM companies, of which they have a declining monopoly on.
Microsoft has a declining monopoly on this? Haven't seen it in my space, and I handle a fair amount of business.

Again I bring up TCO when referencing Linux. The TCO is the same or higher overall. Only the up-front costs may be lower.
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