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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Sure, sure man, like you have all the experience in the world with OS's. I can speak of experience on using multiple OS's rather than make rash sweeping statements what OS is the most stable ever.

I wouldn't even say Linux is the most stable OS ever and to do so what be arrogant.
The point I've made (and is still making) is that you can not tell someone (from their experience) that they can't make the statement about 7 being the most stable. Your crashes doesn't disprove that statement, but shows your own inability to get your equipment working correctly.

There are many more people here that will agree with him, and unlike you, he's not going into a linux-made thread, and trolling there. You've trolled many windows thread and inputted your own brand of arrogance, but yet, you [think] you are an authority on which is the most stable os.

He has the right to do so, just like you have the right to spew the crap you do about Linux.
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