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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
No, it is because consumers are looking for the cheapest product with the hardware they might have heard about on TV.

I was at a trade-show for DoD in Hawaii just a few months ago and people were drooling over a netbook running Ubuntu that I had brought over. It was fully kitted out, had a touch-screen and everything, including OpenOffice.

But once we started working on answering some questions, pitfalls arose, not because of lock-out specs but because of TCO and lack of resources to support the items. This was just in conversations over personal use items, not a NIPR or SIPR or MIPR product but rather a travel companion.

The general consensus was, people if they KNEW what was happening, would be more inclined to get a product that was mainstream and just worked and was supported than one that was not. Linux netbooks only get elementary support at best, by the way, and service calls cost a lot more per incident.

I will agree with you here because of a variety of things I just mentioned.

However, the fact is that Microsoft has a more robust and complete system than anything on the Linux side of the market. You CAN fix up the Linux components to be as or more full configured but you need to know what you are doing and are still going to have to jump through hoops to get things to work correctly.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Windows 7 was universally praised at the "trade-show" (more conference really) I was at and not a single unit that I was working with failed over a period of 3 days, running pretty much all day. The ubuntu netbook failed 2 times. Simple reboot fixed everything, but it did freeze up.
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