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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
That maybe but the simple fact is that Apple own both the hardware and the software, they can do with it what they like. Now if Apple had a 90% desktop share, it might be a different matter.

Psystar failed to do this with with Apple in a court, so that saying something.
Microsoft owns it's operating system, and the software it makes. And yet it is forced to appease 3'rd party vendors.

Apple owns it's operating system, and yet I don't see it being forced to appease 3'rd party vendors.

Microsoft dominates in the overall IT industry in terms of software, undoubtedly. But in the "macintosh" business, there is most definitely a monopoly. Psystar's legal defense was idiotic by the way. They went looking for a loophole instead of attacking the viability of the exclusivity clauses that Apple maintains, essentially locking out other vendors.

Oh and point of fact, Apple does NOT own the hardware. It is not proprietary. They simply lock it down to their "own hardware" so to speak. Monopolistic and anti-competitive? I sure as hell think so, don't you?
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