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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
DOC. The Windows gaming market is dying. That's why people keep turning to bittottrent and game developers are moving to other platforms. PC sales are sharply down.

You guys are in denial. Sticking with each other doesn't make your bull**** truth or the fact you're a mod. Drolfrawd needs you to back him up. There is nothing like being backed up by a mod to make you think you're right.
The mod Doc didn't start the thread............. I did, and the truth is 7 is the best desktop operating system out there. Prove me wrong, or go back to the trenches and figure why you are sticking with Linux. I mean you can Buy 7 for 150 for pro version. End the stress you call Linux and have some fun. Move over to our bench we will welcome you. (maybe)
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