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Default Re: Whats wrong with my GTX 295?

Originally Posted by ATi View Post
just use evga precision its noob friendly

I know how to use Rivatuner if thats what you mean, lol? If it does the same thing as EVGA Precision then I know how to use RivaTuner. I have changed the fan speed RT and can hear the fan become much louder when I put it to 100%. But when I am in Hardware monitoring in RT, I can see 'GPU0 fan speed' with a high RPM, and 'GPU0 fan duty cycle %' at 100, but there is another data source I can see in this monitoring section called 'GPU0 reference fan duty cycle', and that is on 0.00. This is what I dont know? why is this one 0.00 but I can clearly hear the fan speed change when I force a fan speed change in RT?
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