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Default Re: vdp_output_surface_get_bits_native

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Are you sure that videoWidth/videoHeight (and hence stride) exactly match the surface size that VDPAU internally allocated?
This was not the issue in my case but I added this extra check.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Note that when you allocate a surface in VDPAU, the implementation is free to round up the actual surface size to meet implementation requirements. You should use VdpOutputSurfaceGetParameters to retrieve the exact allocated width/height. The put/get bits functions default size (i.e. when rect is NULL) is the entire allocated surface size, not the user-requested surface size.

Also, pitch should be width * pixel_size (i.e. width * 4), not just width; it's bytes, not pixels.
great, it was the pitch value in pixels that caused the issue. I did this change and its working perfectly.

Is it possible to get your direct email address, we are emerging OEM company of EVGA/NVIDIA and I have some basic questions regarding openGL integration with VDPAU.
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