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Well, same here. GF4200-8x 64 Mb, Epox 8RDA+ and RH9, kernel 2.4.20-8. Up to date i tried removing apm support from the bios, as suggested in other threads, disabling it from bios, disabling agp and trying 4363 drivers. The 3xxx series drivers won't compile. Same ascii stuff in every config. I'm gonna try the DRI-Rendering stuff tomorrow morning, hope it works. I did comment out the dri driver in XFree86Config to no avail, though. Until then, just a quick question: Sephi, how did you manage to compile the kernel with the agpgart nVidia patch applied? I tried compiling agpgart both as a module and builtin and it gives some error about a missing structure member, num_masks, i believe. I seem to recall somebody else having the same problem, but he didn't get answered. So if anybody has an idea of what i'm doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.
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