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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
I have Quad SLI 295s. IF they set up the drivers right it could do VERY well. I have a little knowledge you probably don't have about SLI and 3d Stereo Quad SLI 295s do not do AFR and will not perform in true quad SLI with 3d stereo (ChrisRay first pointed that out to me). Now if you think about it, that being the case, they COULD make the second 295 actually do some work which would mean they probably could handle the load. Again, it ALL depends upon the drivers. I have NO idea what state they are in bud.

I agree I wish FERMI was out right now but that is just how this market works. I have dealt with it with ATI as well when I did stuff for them. The same with Intel. That is just how it goes.
Unless you can put up hard numbers from *various* reputable sources showing that a single GTX295 can easily power 3x 2560x1600 displays plus render the frames in 3D, at max in-game settings I'm gonna' have to doubt you here bud. A dingle 5870 trades blows with the GTX295. So it's natural to compare two 5870s in CrossFire to dual GTX295s- nVidia's current fastes possible configuration.

However, unlike with nVidia, dual 5870s is not AMD's fastest configuration- you can run three 5870s if you'd like or for peak performance, two 5970s. To such a setup nVidia *currently* has no answer. I'm quite confident that three 5870s or two 5970s could offer greater performance rendering 3x 2560x1600 in 3D than dual GTX295s.

Dual, or triple Fermis- that's anybody's guess. Even you, with the NDA information- do not know for certain how well Fermi will perform in it's Final version- or against AMD's refresh.

This is my point.

Right now all nVidia is doing is lip service. They're trying to make a lot of noise and create a big distraction and diversion to keep people from buying the 5800 series and interested in the Green team. However, we hear of delay after delay for Fermi while stock for the 5800s keeps increasing. Furthermore, by the time Fermi is available for purchase and assuming it is faster than the 5800 series AMD can then drop prices on their lineup much farther than nVidia can without dipping into profits. So if AMD can't win in pure performance, they'll win in price/performance. AMD also has the option to release a refresh to retake the performance crown or close the performance gap enough to warrant selling their Radeon cards for more of a profit.

I guess what I'm saying is with how late nVidia is I do not see how they can win. If Fermi completely crushes the 5800s AMD just drops the prices on the 5800s, puts out a refresh prices slightly higher than the 5800s- and then release the Radeon HD6800s a few months later which is almost guaranteed to crush Fermi in terms of performance.

I know this isn't the end of nVidia- never said it was. Just tired of all the talk with no action to back it up.
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