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Default Re: BusID PCI on Server Boards

Further testing more or less leads me to believe that this is a driver issue with dual chipset configurations. When in one of two x16 slots, the nVIDIA driver loads correctly and X can start. When in one of the other two, the device is unable to be addressed (even explicitly using the PCI Bus ID) and the driver fails to initialize that card.

I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the Video BIOS Version not appearing, to be perfectly honest. I still received a value of ??.??.??.??.?? when I looked at /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/*, however the driver initialized on that very card. In X11/nvidia-settings, you can see the Video BIOS Version.

This behavior is most likely a bug in the nVIDIA GeForce Linux Driver. I had a support ticket open with Tyan, my motherboard manufacturer. They have tested three x16 Tesla cards in conjunction with a GeForce card, and the Tesla cards are able function properly under Linux. Four GeForce GTX 295 cards are also reported to work in the Windows driver.

If nVIDIA could shed some light on this, it would be great.
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