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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by jimmyjames123 View Post
What a hypocrite you are. First you ask for hard numbers from DarthBeavis, and then you say that HD 6800's will be released "a few months later" [than Fermi], and is "almost guaranteed to crush Fermi in terms of performance"? How in the hell do you know that? You don't seem to have even the slightest clue about Fermi (nor future AMD and NVIDIA products).
Any reason I'd be wrong?

Fermi was meant to compete with the 5800s. NOT the 6800s.

It'd be a major failure if ATi's next generation part failed to compete with nVidia's current generation part.

Granted, my statement had a lot of assumption but is at least better backed by history. Furthermore, I can post links proving that ATi currently has the fasted graphics solution possible- dual 5970s is far faster than dual GTX295s. This is undisputable. In fact, I was under the impression it was common knowledge...

But, if you really believe tha the Radeon HD5800s are inferior to the GTX200 series, and the the Radeon HD6800 will barely be able to keep up with the GTX300 series then continue to wear those green-tinted glasses of yours. I won't be one to burst your bubble, don't worry.
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