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Default Re: G210M not working with F12_X64 on Asus UL50VT

Originally Posted by StarShip View Post
The driver readme has it listed and I believe the question was addressed by Arron somewhere in the forum... can't recall which post, he stated that it's supported.

I looked at your xorg.confg and I don't see the "BusID" "PCI:X:X:X" to the device section, your looks like it should be set to PCI:2:0:0 for the G210, can you post your
The 9400 would be PCI:3:0:0.
You need to specify BusID when a unit has two GPU's installed.
You may want to try the 9400 first and see how it goes.

I ran mint live and it worked fine on my intel gpu but I use Fedora which is dead on both GPU'S! There is a bug in the intel i915 driver or X windows.

Thank you for the reply, and I appreciate the tip about the "BusID" for the G 210M. I was about to do that until my install became very buggy and unusable. I had been planning on adding the G 210M "BusID" to xorg.conf (I hadn't found the exact way to do it yet), and then configure it to use "performance" in the NVIDIA settings manager or with RegistryDwords in the xorg.conf file. But I ran into other problems that kept me from doing all of that. (like I said, I only had Arch on there for about an hour or two before I had to wipe it off and replace it with windows, so I don't have the Xorg.log to post)

As for the driver README file, it has this written at the very top of it:

Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products

For the most complete and accurate listing of supported GPUs, please see the Supported Products List, available from the NVIDIA Linux x86 Graphics Driver download page. Please go to, follow the Archive link under the Linux x86 heading, follow the link for the 195.30 driver, and then go to the Supported Products List.

So when I went to both of those pages, there was no G 210M listed. But if someone from NVIDIA said it was supported, then cool.

So like I said before, I only had Archlinux running for a few hours, then I left the room and when I cam back my xfce4 terminal was all buggy for some reason, so I rebooted and that's when I could only login to a console screen..... I didn't know what happened so I un-installed the last few packages that I had added (laptop-mode-tools, cpufrequtils)..... no luck. So then I uninstalled xfce4 (which I start from startx in my /etc/inittab), then I installed gnome and added gdm to my inittab, rebooted, and now I had a buggy gnome gdm screen that had a nice desktop wallpaper but it wouldn't allow me to login..... so I gave up, wiped linux off the disk, reinstalled windows 7, and figured I would do some research about the G 210M before I started the install process again.

Tonight I'm going to install Archlinux again and I'll try to configure it to use the G 210M in xorg.conf, hopefully it will work..... and if I get the same buggy weirdness, then this time I'll run the bug report shell script and try to pinpoint what is actually happening.

Thanks for giving my other thread a look over, do you mind writing the exact code that I need to add to xorg.conf (and what section to put it into), thanks.
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