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Default Re: ./nvidia-installer: not found, Ubuntu 9.04

Originally Posted by wantilles View Post
Make a standard package for your distribution.

This is the correct Linux way.
wantillies, I do not understand. I downloaded a complete source package from Kernel.Org, ran menuconfig, then compiled and built the kernel. To me, that sounds as close to a standard kernel as you can get. Are recommending I download a precompiled kernel from somewhere else? Is there some way to use the Ubuntu updater to repair an existing kernel that has lost several file systems, and that modprobe no longer works on. Or are you suggesting that I use the Ubuntu updater to upgrade to 9.10 and that will fix all my problems?

Arup, as I had described in the first posting, I tried running the self-extracting driver installer under various conditions, even after running /etc/init.d/gdm stop and using sudo su to become 'root'. I tried that again since I had forgotten the process to get Ubuntu completely out of X, but it had exactly the same effect. The self extractor first verifies the archive as valid, then fails to extract nvidia-installer.

I was also confused on the [qoute]sudo apt-get build-essential [/quote] I get an invalid operation build. When I Googled it, I saw that it needed install first, but 'sudo apt-get install build-essential' without a list of packages makes 0 changes. What list of packages should I be verifying?

I am currently having a hard time each reboot. The screen comes up red on top and black on the bottom. Little grey squares appear in columns in spurts, looking like improperly displayed bootup messages. At one point they stop growing downward. If I hit enter, I get a brief pulse of more squares. If I hit ctrl-alt-dlt then it finishes making squares, the display flashes several times, then an error message says that the Nvidia module could not be found, do you want to finish in low graphics, build a new configuration, trouble shoot, or boot to command prompt. If I answer to go on, it then says that display 0 is already in use, should I start with a different number, or retry 0. No matter what I enter here, it seems to fight for several iterations before finding an unused display number to use.

While I was in run level 3 trying Arup's suggestions, I also tried envyng -t again. This time I tried removing the Nvidia drivers and reboot. I still got many of the same error messages, but fewer iterations of trying to find a display. After logging in again I tried the Ubuntu Hardware Driver console, and once again tried to activate the version 180 driver. Rebooting after that resulted in another 'could not load Nvidia Module' error.

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