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Default help flash my gtx 280 because clocking down

hi guys i am having problems with gtx 280 it keepd cloccking down to 400mhz/low power mode from 602mhz and i just can not get it to go back up it is not a heat issue as my temps are 38 idle and 50-70 while gaming depending on what i am playing it very really reaches 70 my fan is set to auto i have tried to force high 3d mode via riva tuna but it will not do it i have tried everything and its just not happening i have had enough so i think its time to flash i kno its risky but if it dies it dies.. i have flashe a 9800gtx before and it all went fine but i am having problems this time i have tried a few versions of nvflash now even the latest 5.88 all come with the same result ..

error firmware image must have a rom or nvr extension. and a little beep from the computer..

i have tried 2 bios files that read in nbitor ok with the green light and they are rom files so what is going wrong please held
i am in dos mode when trying this using these commands
nvflash -4 -5 -6 bios.rom
nvflash -f bios.rom
and a couple others commnds maybee i am using the wrong commands or something else i have even tried flashing from within windows and same result please help me thankyou

antec 902
phenom 2 940
gtx 280
4 kingston dominata 1066mhz
asus m4a79 mb
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