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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by jpoet View Post
If I understand what people are saying here, the GT240 is usable under linux as long as you don't mind the fan running full speed combined with a performance hit?
I am trying to pick out the best VDPAU card. I want it to be quiet, so I either need to go passive GT220, or go with a GT240 with a very slow fan.

Has nVidia made any comments on when the performance & fan issues are expected to be fixed?
The reports seem to vary, John.

1. There are some - me included - who see their GT240/GDDR5 being much slower under Linux than it is under Windows : powermizer only uses the 2nd performance level, where about 1/5th of the memory bandwidth of the card is available, even when OpenGL or CUDA stuff are running (324MHz instead of 1.7GHz). See screenshot proof here.

2. There are others that report a WAIT error, that basically halts the machine (reportedly after heavy usage of 3D games and/or video) - at which point only HW reset helps.

3. There is one report of someone with a GT240/DDR3 which appears to use the correct memory speed, but is slow nonetheless.

4. And there are others that don't care much about speed and just want to play some video - they seem to be alright with the current state of affairs. You seem to belong to the 3rd category, since you only care about VDPAU - which works fine (at least for me).

No, NVIDIA has not responded to this thread - we can only hope that they will fix this in some future driver release (though some, like gio___ seem to be waiting for months already and are getting ... anxious). I join them in worrying...
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