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Default Re: So Many XP Users Still

I'd just like to note I still have windows 3.1(Actualy I think the disks are screwy, but I definetly still have DOS 6.2 and 6.0). If I hadn't gotten a comp with anything higher when I was in highschool. I would still be using it. And when I get the chance I'm going to plug it back in and use it again. 8)

I would take an updated and modernized DOS over windows anyday.....

why can't you get everything setup in windows to work in DOS. There isn't anything critical that requires a GUI. And you could always get a modernized and hopefully lite windows 3.1/dosshell for other things(hell a multimonitor version would be great. One window the CLI another the GUI. Could you imagine the startup times!!!). Or just run whatever in 3d mode like we used to with games. 8)

Guarantee of software support of a seperate monitor for every application. That would teach those hardware companies how to do things. Start passing out the ports!! 2-4 monitors my butt!!
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