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Default Re: The most stable operating system ever

All the engrish is hurting my brain
Ill try to ignore it, not quite sure what you ment namuk, I cant tell if you're being negative about the new win7 taskbar or positive, so im going to assume you're being negative.
Essentially, the quicklaunch bar was a nice way to organise your most used applications, in a nice out of the way spot for easy access, the reason the quicklaunch bar was removed is because the new taskbar does the same thing, except does it in a much better way, you pin your most used programs to the taskbar, just like you would with the quicklaunch, but now instead of being off in its own little virtual world, if you want that program, you go to the same place every time, regardless of whether its open or not.

IMO, im glad to be rid of the quicklaunch bar, and I love the new taskbar.
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