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Default Re: So Many XP Users Still

I don't know why they're still on XP...

I find that over 4gb is almost a necessity now with applications and games that I'm running... That alone is why I'm off of XP (yes, 64-bit XP existed... but not in the minds of driver developers, it's a mess and never will be successful).

DX11 and the ability to use homegroups for device sharing in my apartment was enough incentive for me to not use XP anymore. It's just too limiting of an OS now that legitimate alternatives exist (7.... not so much vista)

People are probably just stubborn or not a power user with no reason to upgrade. I know alot of people who use their computer all but once a week to check email and weather occasoinally, or movie times, etc... I know for us that's hard to imagine but I can see how windows 7 is the least of their concerns
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