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Default Re: So Many XP Users Still

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
XP is quite old though. There have been alternatives to it since 2006 in the form of Vista and there really is no reason why anyone building a new computer would dump an OS from 2001 onto it.

Also for the reasons outlined in my post above.... 64-bit XP gets crap for support from vendors so you are then limited to 4gb if you want a stable XP install. Simplified networking through homegroups, not to mention wireless cards just work with windows 7... for the most part. Every build I've done with windows 7 so far has immediately picked up the wireless adapter and used it without special drivers.

Not to mention 7 and vista load some applications significantly faster with the pre-loading of commonly used applications through the memory management pre-fetch system they use.
Ok, but I clearly said I wouldnt recommend anyone upgrade from XP, not that I would recommend people to downgrade from Windows 7 or vista. Theres a big difference.

Never had any problems with any wireless devices in XP, Windows 7 does not pickup my usb wifi dongle, people are far to relient on Windows finding the drivers for them, I prefer to do this myself anyway. I disable superfetch, waste of resources.

... Yes, there's no reason why someone with ~2gb of memory who isn't gaming with a dx10+ card should upgrade. But that's honestly not going to be a majority of people moving forward.
2GB? theres a 64bit version, used it myself for a long time, worked great.

Don't down-play the importance of DX11 either. It hasn't been realized yet but OpenCL and the use of video cards as a gp-gpu outside of their proprietary APIs (stream / CUDA) is going to be a great boon to the performance computing world that can't be realized with proprietary APIs. Granted I'm sure the people who are interested in things like this wouldn't be running XP any longer anyway...
I'm not, only stating the obvious, that for now it's really not much use, I would never recommend somebody upgrade because something might be useful in a few years, thats just stupid.
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