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Default Re: Asus doing a screw job for a RMA

Yea, people rave about asus boards, just prey it's not defective. I got a board that was doing strange stuff with a pcie tuner card. Tried to do a cross shipment replacement. filled out the forums and emailed. They sent back to send the board in. Had to call them to point out that I had requested cross shipment. It went down hill from there. They sent not 1, but 3 bad boards in a row. All where nothing but other peoples returns reboxed and shipped out.

The first was a board that had been dropped. a corner of the board was bent, the chipset heat pipe was bent, etc.

Second board clearly was a used board with dust around the cpu socket and some kind of residue around the chipset. I did try that board and it was doa.

3rd board was an older revision of the board I was trying to replace, had fluid spilled on both sides which had started eating at the solder connections of the parts around the cpu socket. Capacitors had started to bulge the tops which is always a sign of a failing cap.

4th board they finally did send a new replacement board, but some change in the bios caused it to set the voltage too low for the cpu. This for an am2 cpu and it caused the memory to not work correctly in ecc mode. I sent them the part numbers for the cpu and the bios version for the board that did work in ecc and after another month or so they said they had no contact source with amd to get mroe information on the problem. THEY MAK BOARDS FOR AMD CPUS! and they have no contact source for AMD????

NOte also that it took months between board shipments and I often ended up back on long distant calls to get things moving spending 15-20 minutes or more on hold on a non- 800 number. At one point they claimed to have had a server crash that lost their old emails preventing them from getting back to me. I talked to the head of the tech support department, or so I was told and he had never heard about domed caps being a sign of a failing cap.
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