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Default Re: Hybrid power support on Linux?

This Dell laptop has a _DSM ACPI call that will switch on/off the card. There is already example code in Sony Vaio laptops to do that in Linux, so it should be fairly trivial to add support for these Dell models.
See Matthew's email below:


> Hi again,
> In this occasion not providing a working module, but just a grep to
> show 5 different laptop
> models that use an almost identical ACPI call to report on the
> discrete nvidia graphics switch:

The NVIF interface is not the correct one to use. There's a _DSM method
on the Nvidia PCI device that will call the appropriate methods. nouveau
should support this in the current kernels - right now it'll just set
the graphics to whatever state the BIOS has programmed. A module
parameter to change the default might be interesting.

If you want to do this with the nvidia binary driver, you'll need to get
nvidia to add support.
Originally Posted by Dr. Funkenstein View Post
I have the same laptop (Dell Studio XPS 13 with the G 210M) and I have added my DSDT.dsl to that bug page. Thank you for the info and the link.

I think I'm going to switch back to Windows 7 until they fix this..... I really hope the Linux community gets this issue fixed soon.
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