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Post 3D Vision on Linux

I tried the new beta driver 195.30 on my Linux machine (RHEL4) to test the nvidia 3D Vision. With option set to "Stereo" "10" in the xorg.conf file and FX380 card, everything seems to work except the emitter, which is light green but does not turn to strong green. OpenGL based programs displayed double images but no stereo effect through the glasses (from the 3D Vision kit). The emitter was plugged to an USB port. Here are my questions:
1) Do I need an additional driver for the emitter like for Windows? If so, is this driver available?
2) The FX380 does not have onboard stereo DIN connector (3D Vision works fine with USB only for this card on Windows system) so the only connection is the USB. Is this sufficient? In the instruction on the X config options from nVidia, it is mentioned that "infrared emitter must be connected to a USB port of your computer, and to the 3-pin DIN connector of a Quadro graphics board (based on G8xGL or higher GPU) before starting the X server". Is it really true that both the USB and the 3-pin DIN connections must be made? If so, then only high end cards meet the requirement, a different situation from that of the Windows system.
Please let me know if you have info on how to make the 3D Vision stereo work. Thanks.
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