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Default Re: Mplayer, vpdau, and 3 displays with edge blending.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
FYI, I checked about overlapping displays using SLI Mosaic. Both TwinView and SLI Mosaic should allow arbitrary placement of the displays within the desktop size, using the metamode syntax previously mentioned, and described here:
Thanks for checking. That is very encouraging for use of the Quadro Plex. I guess this would be a work around for xinerama so we could have vdpau support, although an expensive one. So it would seem with Sli Mosaic, we could arbitrarily place the screens to overlap, use vpdau for hardware acceleration and use outside hardware to blend the overlapped regions. Considering the cost, it would be very nice if the Nvidia drivers handled the blending as well.

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post

In this context, I didn't knew that this is possible with xinerama - out of curiosity,
could you please post your xorg.conf? TIA!
I have attached the xorg file. Your description is correct. I did check on using another player and it seems there's a desire to stick with mplayer because of the way it displays the image on the screen, specifically the windowing and borders. I agree about saving the money by exploring other methods. I'm sure other alternatives would be considered heavily before the purchase of a Quadro Plex.
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