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Default New card causes videos to be black screens on Ubuntu 9.10 x64

I just got a new card to use instead of the onboard Intel, but this has caused me nothing but issues. The first issue is that most of the time that I play any video it is just a black screen. That is true within Totem and VLC, although every now and then VLC decides to play.

I currently have 190.53 installed from nVidia's site. Any older version (185, 180, 173) refuse to install since they won't compile. I had 185 installed via the Ubuntu repo which had the same problem.

I am running Compiz and I read that it may be related and triple rendering (or whatever it was called) may also be related, but nothing said how to check that or fix it.

Any ideas what I can do to get my videos to work? I'm not far away from ripping this card out and throwing it out in the snow and giving up on nVidia.

Details of my system is in the bug report log, if you need more details let me know.

9500 GT
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